Taekwondo – Tiger Stance

Taekwondo Tiger or Cat Stance

This page provides details about the Taekwondo Tiger or Cat Stance. In Korean, the tiger or cat stance is known as Beom Seogi. This stance is used in Taekwondo forms (i.e. Form 7 or Chil Jang), training sessions, etc. For information on other stances (i.e. back stance or twist stance), please visit the main Taekwondo Stances section.

Details regarding the Taekwondo Tiger Stance

According to the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters, the Taekwondo tiger stance is a “lowered stance of ap-seogi (Walking Stance) with both knees placed close enough to touch each other. This is a stance to make both small and big motions easy toward the front or back. Both knees are placed close enough to touch each other with the heel of the front foot and the ball of the rear foot on a similar line. The heel of the front foot is off the ground while the center of gravity is almost on the rear foot.”

Instructional Video on the Taekwondo Tiger Stance (starts at 4:04 into video)


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