ITF Taekwondo – L-Stance

ITF Taekwondo L-Stance (or Niumja Sogi)

This page provides details for the ITF Taekwondo L-Stance. In Korean, this Taekwondo stance is known as Niumja Sogi. Stances are be used in ITF Taekwondo patterns, training exercises, sparring, etc.

For more ITF stances (i.e. L-stance or walking stance), please visit the main Taekwondo stances section.

Written Instructions for the ITF Taekwondo L-Stance

  • One foot in front of the other foot.
  • Length of this stance is one and a half shoulder widths.
  • There is almost no “width” to this stance because a student’s heels should be almost in line. The rear heel should only by 2.5 cm to the side of the heel of the front foot when moving towards the target.
  • Feet should form a L shape (with one foot facing forward and one facing to the side).
  • According to the ITF Switzerland Taekwon-Do Federation, a student should bend “the rear leg until the knee cap forms a vertical line with toes, bending the front leg proportionally”.
  • Body weight is split 70% on rear leg and 30% on front leg.

Instructional Videos for ITF Taekwondo Stances


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