ITF Taekwondo – Rear Foot Stance

ITF Taekwondo Rear Foot Stance (or Dwit Bal Sogi)

This page provides details for the ITF Taekwondo Rear Foot Stance. In Korean, this Taekwondo stance is known as Dwit Bal Sogi. Stances are be used in ITF Taekwondo patterns, training exercises, sparring, etc.

For more ITF stances (i.e. L-stance or walking stance), please visit the main Taekwondo stances section.

Written Instructions for the ITF Taekwondo Rear Foot Stance

  • This stance is also known as a cat stance or tiger stance.
  • One foot in front of the other foot.
  • Length of this stance is one shoulder width.
  • Width of this stance is minimal as feet should be inline towards target.
  • Front foot rests on the ball of the foot without much weight. Bend the lead knee slightly as this stance works for quick snap kicks.
  • According to the ITF Switzerland Taekwon-Do Federation, a student should bend “the rear leg until the knee comes over the toes”.
  • Body weight is 90% on the rear leg.

Instructional Videos for ITF Taekwondo Stances


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