Japanese Language – Karate, Aikido, etc.

Japanese for Karate, Judo, Aikido, etc.

Basic Japanese phrases and words (such as hello and thank you) are often used in martial arts such as KarateAikido and Judo. This page will help you to learn these Japanese phrases in order to speak with your instructor and fellow students.

Beyond learning basic martial arts terminology (i.e. Japanese words for specific kicks and punches), advanced martial arts students often want to gain greater proficiency in the foreign language of their martial arts style. Therefore, we have included a number of language videos in order to help you to learn and properly pronounce basic Japanese words and common phrases (i.e. hello and thank you).

For the Japanese words, terms and commands used in Karate, Aikido, Judo, etc, please visit the main Terminology section.

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Common Japanese Phrases

  • Good Morning – Ohayou Gozaimasu
  • Good Afternoon – Konnichiwa
  • How Are You? – Ogenki Desu Ka
  • I Am Sorry – Gomen Nasai
  • No – Iie
  • Thank You – Arigatou Gozaimasu
  • Yes – Hai
  • You’re Welcome – Douitashimashite
  • For many other Japanese phrases, please watch the videos below. They will also help you with the pronunciation of these phrases.

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