Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Forms

This page provides details for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu forms. These forms are used to teach basic offensive and defensive martial arts techniques such as kicks, punches, blocks, etc. They also teach balance, coordination, focus, etc.

In Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, there are usually 10 basic forms. However, this can vary greatly as many different Shaolin schools and systems may include additional forms or subtract core forms. FYI – Given the huge variability of techniques and forms between all Kung Fu schools and systems, the Chinese government began to standardize Wushu (starting in 1958) in an attempt to promote a unified Kung Fu system for international sports competitions.

In China, forms are often called Taolu. In contrast, forms & patterns are called Kata by Japanese martial arts, Poomsae & Tul by Taekwondo, etc. For the forms used by other martial arts (i.e. Karate and Taekwondo), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Kata & Forms section.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Forms

  1. Open the Door – Kaimen
  2. Lead the Way – Linglu
  3. Mount the Horse – Zuoma
  4. Pierce the Heart – Chuanxin
  5. Martial Skill – Wuyi
  6. Close Combat – Duanda
  7. Plum Blossom – Meihua
  8. Uprooting Step – Babu
  9. Chain of Rings – Lianhuan
  10. Standard Form – Shifa

Northern Shaolin – Open the Door Form (Kaimen)