List of Tai Chi Forms (Ch’uan)

Tai Chi Forms (Ch’uan)

This section focuses on Tai Chi forms (ch’uan). Forms are pre-set movements used to practice Tai Chi techniques. For the forms used in other martial arts (i.e. Shotokan kata), please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Kata & Forms section.

Tai Chi Forms – National Chinese Sports Committee

  • Tai Chi 24 Form – This Tai Chi form is also known as the Beijing form, Peking form or simplified 24 form. The 24 form tends to be one of the most popular Tai Chi forms given its moderate length and graceful movements.

Tai Chi Forms Yang-Style

  • Tai Chi 13 Form – Also known as Tai Chi short form.
  • Tai Chi 16 Form
  • Tai Chi 49 Form
  • Tai Chi 67 Form – This is a Tai Chi sword form.
  • Tai Chi 103 Form – Also known as Tai Chi traditional or long form.

Tai Chi Weapons Forms

  • Tai Chi Sword 13 Form – Yang Style

Tai Chi 24 Form


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