Wing Chun – Siu Nim Tao

Wing Chun Form – Siu Nim Tao

Siu Nim Tao (or “Little Idea”) is the first form taught in Wing Chun. This form is also known as Siu Lim Tao, Sil Lim Tao, etc. However, please be aware that the movements used in this form can vary between Wing Chun schools.

According to the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association, the benefits of learning Siu Nim Tao include “Strengthening the legs through the stance”, “Teaching the student the key techniques of Wing Chun”, “Teaching the student how to turn energy on and off” and “Helping the student understand key principles like economy of motion and the centreline”.

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Demonstration of Wing Chun Form – Siu Nim Tao (slow)

First 3 Sets of Form

Last 2 Sets of Form

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