Ashihara – Kumite No Kata Ni

Kumite No Kata Ni – Ashihara Karate “Sparring” Kata

This page provides details for Kumite No Kata Ni, a kata used in Ashihara Karate. This kata is focused on kumite (sparring). Kata allows Ashihara Karate students to practice martial arts techniques without a partner and to practice dangerous techniques without injuring a partner. Ashihara is a full contact Karate style. The video below also shows the kata as a bunkai (where the fighting techniques from the kata are illustrated against training partners).

For additional Ashihara katas (i.e. Ashihara Self-Defense or Throwing Katas), please visit the main Ashihara Katas section. If you are looking for the katas from other Karate styles (i.e. Shotokan katas), please visit the main Kata & Forms section.

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Demonstration of Kumite No Kata Ni (with Bunkai)

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