Ninjutsu Weapons

List of Ninjutsu Weapons

This section examines traditional Ninjutsu weapons such as the ShurikenKunaiShuko and Kyoketsu-Shoge. These weapons were used by Shinobi (or better known in the West as Ninjas) in order to carry out missions of espionage (spying), assassination, etc.

For information on other traditional martial arts weapons, please visit the main Martial Arts Weapons section.

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Traditional Ninjutsu Weapons – Click on the links below for more information and videos on that particular weapon.

  • Bokken – Wooden practice sword
  • Fukiya – Blow gun with poison darts
  • Happo – Egg filled with blinding powder (Metsubushi).
  • Jutte – Weapon similar to a Sai
  • Kama – Small scythe-like weapon
  • Katana – Metal sword
  • Kunai – Multipurpose tool that could be used for digging holes in walls, as a stabbing weapon, as a climbing tool, etc.
  • Kusari Fundo – Chain weapon
  • Kusarigama – Chain and scythe weapon
  • Kyoketsu-Shoge – Hooked rope-dart
  • Metsubushi – Pepper or powder used to blind or disorient an opponent.
  • Naginata – Long staff with curved blade at end
  • Odachi (Nodachi) – Long curved sword
  • Shinai – Bamboo practice sword
  • Shuriken – Throwing star
  • Shuko – Claw weapon
  • Bo – Long staff
  • Hanbo – Short staff
  • Jo – Medium staff
  • Tanto – Dagger
  • Tessen – War fan
  • Tetsubishi – Caltrops
  • Wakazashi– Short sword
  • Yari – Spear
  • Yumi – Bow (for archery)

Ninjutsu Weapons


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