Wado-Ryu Stance – Shiko Dachi

Wado-Ryu Stance – Shiko Dachi (Sumo Stance)

This page provides details for the Wado-Ryu stance – Shiko Dachi (Sumo Stance). This is a common stance used in many Wado-Ryu katas.

For instructions on other stances, please visit the main Wado-Ryu Stances section.

Written Instructions

  • In contrast to Kiba Dachi (Horse Riding Stance), a student’s feet face more to the side (outwards by 21.5 degrees) in Shiko Dachi versus forward in Kiba Dachi.

Instructional Video for Wado-Ryu Stances – Kiba Dachi & Shiko Dachi