Wing Chun Techniques

Techniques – Written and/or Video Instructions

This page lists a wide variety of Wing Chun techniques such as the One Inch PunchSticking HandSlap Block, etc. Each page provides details, instructions and/or demonstration videos in order to illustrate that particular technique.

Be aware that in Wing Chun, many blocks are can also be used for striking an opponent.

List of Wing Chun Techniques – with instructions

Blocks & Deflections – Sau/Sao

  • Biu Sau – Thrusting Fingers, Darting Hand, etc. Biu Sau can be used as a block or strike.
  • Bong Sau – Wing Hand or Wing Arm
  • Chi Sau – Sticking Hands
  • Fook Sau – Subduing Hand
  • Gang Sau – Cultivating Hand, Splitting Hand, etc.
  • Gaun Sau – Splitting Hand
  • Gum Sau – Pressing Hand
  • Huen Sau – Circling Hand
  • Kwan Sau – Rotating Hand
  • Lap Sau – Grabbing Hand
  • Man Sau – Asking Hand
  • Pak Sau – Slap Block
  • Seung Chi Sau – Double Arm Chi Sau or Double Sticking Hands
  • Tan Sau – Palm Up Block, Receiving Hand, etc.
  • Wu Sau – Guarding Hand

Elbow Strikes

  • Pai Jarn – Horizontal “Hacking” Elbow Strike

Punches & Strikes


  • Yee Jee Kim Yueng Ma – Horse Stance

Wing Chun – Top 20 Techniques

Wing Chun – Basic Techniques

Wing Chun Techniques

Wing Chun Techniques

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