List of Karate Punches – Instructions & Videos

This section examines a wide variety of Karate punches & hand strikes and provides the Japanese names for these Karate techniques. However, please be aware that punching terminology and techniques can vary based on the Karate styles that utilize them (i.e. a Shotokan strike may be slightly different than a Kyokushin strike). These Karate punches & strikes are used in self-defensekatakumite, etc.

For information on punching techniques used by other martial arts styles, please visit Black Belt Wiki’s main Punches & Strikes section.

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Karate Punches & Hand Strikes – Click on a punch for video and/or written instructions

Shotokan Choku-Zuki – Straight Punch

Shotokan Gyaku-Zuki – Reverse Punch

Shotokan Oi-Zuki – Lunge Punch

Related Punch & Strike Terminology

  • Zuki or Tsuki – Punch
  • Uchi – Strike
  • Jodan – High Section (i.e. High Punch – Jodan Zuki)
  • Chudan – Middle Section
  • Gedan – Low Section